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Get started!

Right now is the best time to adopt cryptocurrencies for more efficient and profitable business. Bitcoinus e-commerce solution offers cutting-edge blockchain payments for all companies - big or small.

What is more, Bitcoinus personal wallet gives you the opportunity to control all crypto transactions, withdrawals, and spending from a single account.

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Crypto payments is a new standard

Integrate Bitcoinus to your business and you will get:

Adding Bitcoinus to your payment methods is FREE.
What you get – is MORE INCOME just by having an additional free payment method.

Sell your products and services to new markets and segments with crypto rich customers.

Become loyal merchant and get loyal clients. All transactions are 100% secure and it’s a great thing to start with.

Bitcoinus develop new features and functionality to match ALL needs of our clients. How good is that?

Here are even more benefits you will get with Bitcoinus

Crypto Payments in Bitcoin other top altcoins
Integrated crypto exchange
Lowest transaction fee - only 0.5%
Top user protection using KYC
One-click crypto payments
All major e-commerce platforms plug-ins
Automated FIAT withdrawal
Global availability


Start accepting crypto payments in less than 24 hours!

Choose the option you need to start integration:

Choose the module Choose the module

Check if your e-shop use one of the modules from our list by clicking Choose the module. Then select the one you use and download it.

API reference API reference

If you don't have these modules, click on API reference and follow the instruction for integrating our system.

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Here you can find the answers on the most popular questions

Bitcoin is the world’s first fully decentralized payment network. Nobody owns or controls it – managing of transactions is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source, its design is public and everyone can take a part.

Crypto payments help you to become innovative platform, it gets you to the next business level with wider audience.
Here are the main advantages of using crypto:
– Fast and easy payments, do not controlled by financial institutions.
– Safe payments – nobody can manage your money, only you make the transactions. No additional fees and payments without your decision.
– You can pay by crypto at any time and in any amounts from micro-payments to big amounts.
– Paying global – no country borders, no external commissions – fast transaction to any place in the world on the same conditions for all countries.
– You can choose your own amount of commission, from which depends the priority for your transaction in the blockchain.

Bitcoinus serves both businesses and individuals.
Small or big business, providing any kind of services, who wants to use the blockchain in their platform – can get Bitcoinus crypto payments processing system for global e-commerce. Accepting cryptocurrency payments allows you to keep the crypto earned from your sales or to convert to another cryptocurrency or to EUR / USD.
For individuals Bitcoinus offers cryptocurrencies wallet where you can have all your crypto, make the conversions from one to another and withdraws. Each account has the high quality protection.

Anybody and anywhere, Bitcoinus offer global crypto payments solution with no borders and the same payment conditions for all the countries.
Small or big business, providing any kind of services and who wants to use the blockchain in their platform – can get Bitcoinus crypto payments processing system .
Individuals can use Bitcoinus wallet for Individuals for holding all their crypto in one safe wallet to convert/withdraw it easily.

At the moment we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoinus token (BITS), Ripple (XRP), DASH, Stellar (XLM) and NEM (XEM). More coins added each month.
You can see the list for all supported altcoins here:

You cannot accept credit/debit cards or PayPal payments with us, but you can withdraw EUR from your Bitcoinus account to your bank.

At first, press SIGN UP at Bitcoinus website and create an active account using your email.
Than fill all the required information in profile settings and press hyperlink in red header on the top to verify your account by passing KYC.

To complete verification of your account and have access to Bitcoinus wallet you need to pass KYC.

For passing KYC you need:

At first be sure that you are in the room with enough light in your room and sit close to the camera.

1) Record the video. Be sure that all your facial features are good visible.
2) Front photo of your document.
Good-qualified photo of main side of your document, be sure that it is good readable and it is fully fits to the photo area (no cut off information) – that you can read each letter in it.
3) Back photo of your document.
Good-qualified photo of another side of your document, be sure that it is good readable and it is fully fits to the photo area (no cut off information) – that you can read each letter in it.

This question each customer needs to decide with the platform where he made his/her purchase.

BITS token is utility token, developed using ERC 20 market standard. Before buying it, be sure that you have the ETH wallet with ERC 20 standard – in other way your wallet can not support our token.

When you pay with BITS in e-shops with integrated Bitcoinus system you get 0% transaction fee and the really generous discounts at our partner e-shops and web services – which provides the best and the most profitable buying conditions. Also, you can trade BITS in exchange where they are listed.

Once you bought our BITS tokens, you need to use the special settings for the wallet:
Token name: BITS
Contract Address: 0xcc53c2e5e2421cb5a5307ed1c229816d71266292

Decimal Places: 18
Do not buy tokens from exchange wallets! If it happens, contact their support and discuss the possibility to make the token transaction from their wallet to yours.

Crypto payments open for you the door for a global business: no country borders, no marginalisation by financial institution, no chargeback fraud risk. With crypto acceptance you get the safe payments from any country in the world with fast confirmation.
Bitcoinus will not confirm purchases done before the merchant gets a full payment for it. For the payments before 300 eur Bitcoinus agrees the purchase immediately.
With Bitcoinus system there is no need to collect all the information about your customers, only if you want to – so there is no risk of losing the clients’ personal information by internet attacks.

Our one and only transaction fee for purchases is 0.5%. Additional fees occur when making conversion or withdrawing funds from our platform, as you do it through our exchange gateways with their fees.

After you create a Bitcoinus account and filled the personal information, click for a business activation.

Instruction for business activation:

You fill the name of your company – write a full official name.
Then you get to the page COMPANY SETTINGS and fill all required information about your company.
Don’t forget to attach legal documents at the bottom of a page as 1) business registration and 2) proof of address. Then you will be able to press SUBMIT FOR REVIEW and our team will check it as fast as possible and contact you for discussing details.
You can check your application in Company Settings – your application will be changed to VERIFIED.

In case of questions about filling application process or any questions about Bitcoinus platform contact our client support ([email protected]).

When you open our page Integration, look at the list of modules we have and find the yours – click on it and go to additional page on GitHub to module source code.
If your web page uses different module, you can open API references and follow the instructions for successful integration of our system.

It does not affect integration, whatever programming language you use, our crypto payments processing system can be adopted by any of them.

After the client made the purchase, Bitcoinus system checks if everything is fine and the full payment is done – if everything is good, the merchant see the purchase with DONE statement.
If the customer underpaid for some reason, for example, wrote the wrong amount for transaction – system do not agreed it as done purchase and waits 48 hours for all payment.

When you initiate the withdrawal in your Bitcoinus account, you see the minimum acceptable amount for each kind of currency. This is 0.005 for crypto and 5 for EUR.
Bitcoinus has no maximum amounts limit, but the exchange, through which you withdraw can have it.

Yes, you can make the conversions to FIAT manually or to change/set settings in your account for automatic conversions.