The great announcement of our new plugin – Shopware!

The great announcement of our new plugin – Shopware!

Bitcoinus will enable Shopware merchants to accept crypto currency payments instantly and get paid in Euro directly to a bank account with hassle-free.

With a quick and FREE integration of our plugin, Shopware users unable to let their customers to make the payments with top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoinus gateway handle all customer payments and settle them directly to any SEPA bank account.

Shopware is a highly trusted software with 18 years experience on the market. It has already more than 1200 certified partners chosen this plugin for the e-commerce, and there is more than 80 000 customers enjoy their user experience with Shopware daily.

One of the most appreciated by merchants things in platform is the pack of 3,500 unique extensions and themes in the Shopware Community Store, with which you can easily extend the functionality of your online shop and make it exactly as you wish it to be.

Benefits for Shopware merchants:

1. Add crypto payments – generate more profit: crypto payments as an additional option at checkout helps to target customers who prefer cryptocurrencies. As a result, it will increase sales over the time and help to stand-out in tough competition conditions.

2. Saving money on fees: credit card payment processing costs 3% or more. With Bitcoinus ONLY fee is 0,5% per transaction – almost FREE.

3. Receiving payments instantly: traditional transactions generally may take days to complete in many cases. With the crypto network, the speed of transaction completion is way faster and can take only few seconds.

4. No chargebacks: any transaction completed on the network is final, and gets logged in the nodal ledgers. So no customer can later claim for a chargeback.
All the merchants chosen Shopware system can add Bitcoinus payments gateway to their online service!
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