Bitcoinus Launched Crypto Payments on X-Cart !

Bitcoinus Launched Crypto Payments on X-Cart !

Bitcoinus has partnered up with X-Cart to develop a module for easy crypto payment processing for over 40.000 of their clients worldwide. This new plugin added to the system will enable X-Cart merchants to accept crypto currency payments and get paid in Euro overcoming all crypto volatility.

At this time, about 40.000 online shops — spread over 111 countries — use the X-Cart e-commerce solution to drive their sales. Therefore, to keep pace with the latest payment trends and help to increase sales for X-cart e-commerce customers, Bitcoinus is pleased to be able to offer a new payment option to this new market.

All X-Cart merchants will have an option to add Bitcoinus payments to their online stores by just making a few clicks.

The main benefits of using Bitcoinus for X-Cart users:

1. Crypto payments as an additional option at checkout helps to target customers who prefer cryptocurrencies. As a result, it will generate more sales over the time and help to stand-out in tough competition conditions.
2. Cryptocurrency payments are irreversible and eliminate the risk of chargebacks that is common among credit card payments. Once a customer pays for an item, there is no way they can reverse the transaction. Trust and security are core values when it comes to a long-term business success.
3. Extremely low fee per transaction comparing with other payment processors. Lowering the cost of operation is always welcome for every single business. When sales come in in big volumes and tight margins, every single saved percent means profit.

What X-Cart is?

X-Cart is a trusted global online shopping cart software which is on the market from 2001. X-Cart was the first downloadable PHP/MySQL shopping cart platform in the world. Its name strongly associated with complete control, high-performance and well-design customizable templates for online stores.

X-Cart platform provides responsive design and mobile POS, which enables business to set up a management subcategories. X-Cart store can be utilized not only by one, but with group of sellers. It gives the possibility to make the alternative installment and transportation, build own valuing. This means more control as you can change each element and get exactly what you want.

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